Pet Safety: 4 Tips For Keeping Pets Safe On Hallows Eve

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Pet Safety: 4 Tips For Keeping Pets Safe On Hallows Eve

19 October 2015
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Halloween night is often a fun night filled with candy, friends, and fun costumes. While the night may be fun for you and your family, it might not be so fun for your pet. In fact, Halloween is one of the more dangerous holidays of the year for pets because it takes place at night. So no matter your plans, make sure your pet is safe for the night by following these four tips:

1. Keep Candy and Decorations Out of Reach

Candy—no matter what kind it is—is not good for pets. Chocolate, especially, can be very dangerous to dogs and cause a wide range of problems from vomiting to death. Xylitol, a common ingredient used as a sweetener, is also dangerous for dogs as it can mess with their blood sugar levels. So, no matter what your plans for the big night are, make sure the candy is up and out of reach.

Additionally, you should make sure that your decorations are out of reach for your pets. Pumpkins, corn, and hay should all be kept away from your pet because they can cause your pet to have an upset tummy. You should also keep other decorations, such as lights or webbing, away from your pet if they like to chew on these things; as eating decorations can cause stomach problems and blockage.

2. Bring Pets Indoors

If you normally leave your pets outside, you should bring them in on Halloween night. All the people coming and going, the costumes, and loud noises can scare pets. So bring them indoors to keep them safe, comfortable, and happy.

3. Keep Pets Away From Flames

If you plan to light your jack-o-lanterns on Halloween night, make sure your pet cannot reach them. Curiosity—or even a distraction—can cause your pet to walk right into the flame. Even if you just have a small candle inside, it is best to keep it out of reach of your pet so that they do not burn themselves.

4. Confine Pets

Finally, if you plan to stay home on Halloween night you might want to consider confining your pet. With the door opening and closing constantly—and strangers coming and going—your beloved pet might begin to feel anxious, irritated, or scared. This can cause your pet to lash out, bite, or try to escape. So keep your pet away from the front door for the night.

By utilizing these tips, you can ensure that your pet is safe and comfortable on Halloween night. If, despite your best efforts, your pet does become injured or eats something toxic, take your pet to an emergency vet immediately for diagnosis and treatment. To learn more, speak with someone like Deep Creek Veterinary Hospital.

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