4 Simple Ways To Keep Your Cat Happy Indoors

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4 Simple Ways To Keep Your Cat Happy Indoors

3 November 2015
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Cats are naturally independent creatures. That doesn't mean they don't need love and support from their human caretakers. If you are the caretaker to a cat, you should know that it needs more than a warm place to sleep and food to eat. This is particularly true if your cat spends most or all of its time indoors. Here are four things your cat needs, that you might not have thought of.

Places to Climb

When cats are outdoors, they spend a great deal of time climbing from structure to structure. Climbing gives them ample opportunities to strengthen their muscles. Unfortunately, indoor cats don't have much room to climb, unless they climb on your furniture, countertops and window dressings. Consider adding a wall-mounted climbing station for your cat. Wooden shelf pieces mounted directly to your wall will provide your cat with places to climb, jump and explore.

Secret Spaces to Sleep

Cats love to sleep. When they're outside, they can climb behind bushes and inside the wheel wells of cars –which isn't safe. These spaces allow your cat to rest without being interrupted. If you have an indoor cat, you can still provide it with those secret hiding spaces. Consider placing a cat bed – or even a folded towel or blanket – inside your closet or under your bed.

Grass to Chew

Cats love to chew on plants. In fact, cats chew on grass as a way of settling an upset stomach. Growing wheat grass in planters throughout the house will allow your cat the opportunity to chew on grass without venturing outside. Use non-breakable planters in case your cat accidentally knocks one over. Be sure to avoid plants such as asparagus fern and philodendrons, which are poisonous to cats.

Private Restroom Privileges

You're probably tired of looking at the litter mess and your cat would probably enjoy some privacy. You can take care of both issues by placing the litter box inside an empty cabinet. Have someone cut a hole in the front of the door so that your cat can enter and exit the cabinet whenever it needs to. The cabinet will keep the litter box conveniently hidden from guests, while still allowing you to get to it easily for clean-up.

If you have an indoor cat, you want it to be as happy as possible. The tips provided above will help you keep your cat happy and healthy. Talk to a vet, such as East Valley Animal Clinic, for more tips and ideas

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