3 Signs You Should Board Your Pet At An Animal Clinic Instead Of A Boarding Kennel

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3 Signs You Should Board Your Pet At An Animal Clinic Instead Of A Boarding Kennel

11 November 2015
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If you are currently preparing for a vacation or a business trip, you might be looking for suitable boarding arrangements for your dog, cat or other pet. You might be thinking about calling a local boarding kennel to inquire about these services, but there could be one better option for you and your pet -- an animal clinic. Many veterinarian's offices offer boarding services; these are a few signs that this could be a better choice while you are away.

1. Your Pet Needs Veterinary Care Anyway

Is your pet in need of veterinary care anyway? For example, are you thinking about having your pet spayed or neutered? There's a chance that the vet will want to keep your pet overnight for observation after the surgery anyway, so you can actually save money by doing it while you would be paying for boarding anyway. Plus, even if you pet does not have to stay at the clinic after surgery, it can still be a good idea so that the vet can look out for anesthesia side effects or other complications.

Even if you only need to have your pet groomed or if you need to have its vaccinations done, it can be convenient to have it done while you're boarding your pet anyway. Then, you don't have to worry about making a special trip when you return back home.

2. Your Pet Has Health Issues

If your pet is older or has special healthcare-related needs, such as if it has diabetes or needs medication on a daily basis, boarding at an animal clinic can be a better choice. Then, if your pet is in need of emergency care, it will already be at the vet's office. Plus, you may feel more comfortable with a veterinary professional administering medication or monitoring health conditions.

3. You Have an Exotic Pet

Most boarding kennels only board dogs and cats. If you choose an animal clinic that offers healthcare services for exotic pets, however, you may have a better chance of securing boarding for a monkey, potbellied pig or other exotic pet.

As you can see, there are some situations in which it's smarter to board your pet at an animal clinic than a boarding kennel. If any of these three things apply to you and your pet, you may want to consider contacting a vet, like those at Berlin Township Animal Hospital, to see if their practice offers boarding services or if they know of a reputable one that does.

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