Taking Care Of Your Senior Cat

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Taking Care Of Your Senior Cat

17 November 2015
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Once your cat starts to age, they may have trouble doing all the things that they were once physically capable of. You will need to start thinking of ways that you can make your home as comfortable as possible for your senior pet. Here are some tips you can use to make your home more conducive to the needs of your aging cat.

Utilize Low-Lying Areas

When cats start to age, mobility can decrease. If your cat is experiencing decreased mobility, then you should make sure that you place food and water in low-lying areas that are easily accessible. If your cat has a high litter box, you should replace it with one that is closer to the ground so that they can get in and out of it easily.

Create Soft Spots

Add more cushioning to your cat's existing bedding or create soft areas in places you know that your cat loves to rest. This will ensure that your cat gets as much rest as possible, since getting enough rest is important as your cat ages.

Alone Time

Aging cats may become moody due to aches, pains and even digestive issues. This can make your cat a bit more reclusive. Being reclusive is not uncommon for aging cats, so this should not worry you. You should just make sure that you keep a close eye on your cat while allowing them the space they need to come to grips with the restrictions and illnesses that come with age.

Make Climbing Easier

You can get your cat a ramp so that they can get up on the sofa or any other favorite place that may be too high for them to access easily due to their age. This will ensure that your cat is not too limited by their inability to climb as high as before.

Keep Strict Routines

One of the best things you can do for your cat is to follow a strict routine for feeding, leaving them alone and even for letting them go outside. This kind of routine will make your senior cat feel a lot more confident about what is happening around them as they age and will reduce the chances of depression and anxiety.

Taking care of your senior cat requires that you pay special attention to the limitations your cat may be experiencing and take the necessary measures to make them as comfortable as possible. This will ensure that your cat lives longer. For more information, talk to a place like Centennial Animal Hospital.

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