Overweight Cats - Four Habits That Are Bad For Your Cat's Health

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Overweight Cats - Four Habits That Are Bad For Your Cat's Health

19 November 2015
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Cat obesity is a problem in many households. Owners might not realize that a few bad habits are making their cat overweight. Cats with a few extra pounds can end up with health problems down the line such as diabetes or a fatty liver. Here are four bad habits that you should start working with your cat to break.

1. Scraps and Treats

While it might feel like you're building a bond when giving your cat scraps or rewarding them with treats, these small gestures can cause weight gain. If rewarding with treats has become a part of your playtime repertoire, ask your vet or pet store for treat alternatives that might be better for your cat. There are low fat treats and those made from more natural ingredients that are good for cats.

2. Unmonitored Feeding

If you live a busy lifestyle, you might want to just leave out dry food for your cat to graze on all day long. This can lead to cats overeating and can make it hard for you to feed your cat the correct amount of food for their size. Consult with your veterinarian on how much food your cat really needs. If you have more than one cat, monitored eating at certain times is important in case one cat tends to overeat more than another.

3. Discouraging Playtime

If your cat turns into a wild one in the middle of the night, you might want to just shut your door or try to get them to come lay down. Remember, your cat comes from hunting origins and playtime needs to be a part of their daily routine and will keep their weight down. Make sure to try out various toys to see what motivates your cat. Playing with your cat right before bed will keep them from trying to wake you in the middle of the night as well.

4. Leaving Your Cat Home Alone

If cats are home all day long and into the night by themselves, they will have little to do to keep active. In general, two cats are better than one because they can keep one another company. Be sure that you designate time in the morning before work and right when you get home to engage with your cat. Getting some spikes in their activity level will keep their weight down and their interest levels up.

If your cat is gaining weight or is picking up any of the bad habits listed here, it is time to turn these around. It is up to you to make boundaries and to help with good feeding and exercise routines. Consult with your veterinarian to make sure your cat is on the right track with their weight. These steps will help your cat stay happy and healthy in the long run. To learn more, speak with someone like Canal Road Animal Hospital.

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