What Training Should Be Taught To A Three Month Old Puppy?

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What Training Should Be Taught To A Three Month Old Puppy?

25 November 2015
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Having a new puppy in the home is a very happy and exciting time. However, as the puppy grows, training should begin to ensure you have a well behaved dog when he becomes an adult. Different breeds of dogs often learn at different stages in their lives. But, with consistency, many puppies learn at a very young age. These are some of the types of training that should begin when a puppy has reached three months of age.

Daily Routines 

Just like a baby needs a regular routine, so does a puppy. It is important to feed your puppy, give him playtime and let him take naps at the same time every day. This helps the puppy to gain trust and feel more secure in the home. 

Command Words 

This is also the right time to start teaching your puppy command words. Begin with one word commands such as "sit", "stay", "go" or "no." As your puppy learns each new word, start teaching him a new word. Within a short time you can begin teaching two word phrases as well.

Being Gentle 

Some puppies are just naturally hyper and overly playful. They get excited when they see you or other people they are familiar with. While this may be cute behavior to you, it may not be very cute to someone who is not around him every day.

Therefore, it is especially important that you teach your puppy to be calm and gentle. When he gets hyper, be firm and tell him no every time. Do not allow him to bite or scratch you while playing and he will learn that it is not acceptable. 

Being Handled 

It is also important to teach your puppy how to behave when being handled at a young age. This will be necessary when we he goes to the vet, the groomers or be given medicine. Use the command words firmly to let the puppy know that you are in control and he must obey you.


While it may take several months to completely housebreak your puppy, it is a good idea to start this training at a young age. A daily routine also plays a part in housebreaking your puppy. Take your puppy outside to potty or place him on a training pad at the same time every day. 

Do this several times a day to teach your puppy that he is allowed to relieve himself only in designated areas. Accidents will happen, but with time and patience your puppy will be housebroken eventually.

To be successful at any type of dog training, it is important to show your puppy that you are in control. If your puppy sees you as the leader of the pack, he is more likely to obey you and behave as you want him to. To find out more, speak with someone like My Pet's Vet Clinic.

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