3 Tips For Helping Your Dog De-Stress After They Are Adopted

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3 Tips For Helping Your Dog De-Stress After They Are Adopted

26 November 2015
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Dogs often get stressed out during or after huge life changes the same way humans do. Therefore, an adoption is an event that will most likely increase their stress levels. When your new dog is initially relocated to their new home, their body will go into overdrive in order to make sense of the new environment. A few visible symptoms that your dog may exhibit, include diarrhea, barking, and panting. While the easiest thing would be to permanently remove the dog from the stressful environment, this is difficult to do if that environment is your home. Therefore, there are a few tips you can use to help de-stress your dog after they are adopted.

Take them Out to Exercise

Like humans, dogs can benefit from exercise when they are stressed out. Regular activity and exercise allow dogs to produce endorphins throughout their body. These chemicals help to reduce stress and place the body in a state of relaxation. All of the negative energy that your dog has built up is released through exercising. A few easy ways to activate endorphins in your dog is by running and walking. Incorporating your dog into your daily exercise routine is an effective way for both of you to de-stress.

Give them Familiar Objects

When your dog is first introduced to your home you want them to feel as comfortable as possible. This can be done by giving them items that they are familiar with. If they have a special toy that they played with at the shelter, then you should try to include that in their new home. In addition, if they really loved their old bed, then you can incorporate that bed into their new home. This will allow them to de-stress because they see something that they are familiar with and enjoy.

Give Your Dog Puzzle Toys with Treats

Stress often makes your dog's mind move all over the place. Your dog is experiencing a number of different emotions that it has difficulty concentrating on just one. An effective way to help your dog concentrate and to help clear their mind is by offering them puzzle toys that come with treats. These toys are designed to capture your dog's attention and keep them focused. This will help them focus on something less stressful for a period of time.

Once your dog gets used to their new environment they will begin to de-stress and feel more at ease. Until then, use these tips to help your dog stress after adoption.

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