Steps To Take When You Adopt A Dog: What You Should Know

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Steps To Take When You Adopt A Dog: What You Should Know

14 October 2015
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When you go to your local animal shelter just to look around and see what animals are available, you likely do not expect yourself to come home with a new dog to join your household. However, for animal lovers, this is more likely to happen than not. Once you leave the shelter with your new dog, there are several steps that you will need to take in order to properly care for your new family member. So, get to know some of the steps you need to take and you will be well on your way to making sure your new adopted dog is happy and healthy in your home.

Be Sure Your New Dog Has His Or Her Own Safe Area In Your Home

Your new dog will be excited and happy to be leaving the shelter and coming home with you. However, once you get home, you may wonder what you should do to ensure that your dog feels safe and as if they belong in your home.

To make this a reality, you will want to carve out a special area in your home for their food and water dish, for a dog bed and (if you so choose) their crate or kennel. When they feel unsure or confused, your dog will be able to go to that area and know that they belong there. Try to make sure this space is separate from any other animals you have and is not too far from areas where you and your family spend time, so they do not feel like an outcast in your home.

Take Them To An Initial Vet Visit To Be Checked Out

Within a few days of adopting your new dog, you will want to take them in for their initial visit to your vet to get their paperwork entered into the vet's records. They will also need to have a check-up exam to make sure they are healthy and properly vaccinated as they begin their life with you and your family.

Dog vaccinations that your new pet should be up-to-date on as soon as possible include rabies, parvovirus, distemper, and canine hepatitis as well as corona, bordatella, and the Leptospira bacteria. All of these vaccines are for bacteria and viruses that can commonly affect dogs and could be fatal if contracted.

Your dog's check-up will also help you to ensure that they do not have any other health issues such as dental problems, fleas or ticks, or other issues that need to be treated and dealt with immediately. This will help to give you peace of mind going forward and can make your dog even happier to be the newest member of your family.

Now that you know some of the steps that you need to take when you adopt a new dog, you can get started and be sure that you and your new dog are happy together for many years to come. Talk to a center like Basking Ridge Animal Hospital to learn more.

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