How To Handle Your Pregnant Dog

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How To Handle Your Pregnant Dog

22 October 2015
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If your dog is expecting puppies, then it is up to you to make sure you take care of her needs and provide her with a comfortable place for her to have her puppies. While it's true that dogs have been having puppies without human intervention for many years, it's also true that domesticated dogs aren't quite as self-reliant and as much of survivalists as their predecessors. This means your dog may need some help from you, and this article will offer you tips on caring for them through the pregnancy and helping with the birth.

Offer your dog more food and water

As your dog's pregnancy develops, you will want to offer her a larger amount of food. This will help ensure she is getting the extra calories she needs to continue providing herself and the puppies with proper nutrition. She will also need to drink more water during her pregnancy to remain hydrated and to help with milk production.

Allow your dog to choose their nesting area

While you can try to sway your dog to choose a nesting area you would prefer, the real decision on where she has the puppies should be up to her. If you try to force her, you may have a hard time locating your dog when she goes into labor because she will be hidden.

Try to make yourself available

It's a good idea to take your dog in to the vet so you can find out an approximate due date. If possible, try to keep your schedule flexible during that time period. This way, you can be there to make sure everything goes well while she has the puppies.

Don't crowd your dog during labor

If your dog starts acting restless, panting and pacing around, it may be a sign she is in labor. During this initial stage of labor she may also begin rearranging her bedding area where she plans to have the puppies. This stage can last a while, so follow your dog's cues. If she seems to want you present, then stay with her. If she acts nervous then you may want to give her plenty of space.

As labor progresses your dog will make her way to her birthing and nesting area. You should give her privacy, but sneak in every now and again to see that she seems to be okay. If she is in active labor, whining and lying down, for a long time and doesn't seem to be able to give birth to the puppies then you may want to take her to an animal medical center like Animal Medical Center to make sure she isn't in trouble.

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