A pet dog or cat isn't for everyone, which is why you might be considering an exotic pet. Learn more about marine life pets.

What Training Should Be Taught To A Three Month Old Puppy?

25 November 2015
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Having a new puppy in the home is a very happy and exciting time. However, as the puppy grows, training should begin to ensure you have a well behaved dog when he becomes an adult. Different breeds of dogs often learn at different stages in their lives. But, with consistency, many puppies learn at a very young age. These are some of the types of training that should begin when a puppy has reached three months of age. Read More …

Overweight Cats - Four Habits That Are Bad For Your Cat’s Health

19 November 2015
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Cat obesity is a problem in many households. Owners might not realize that a few bad habits are making their cat overweight. Cats with a few extra pounds can end up with health problems down the line such as diabetes or a fatty liver. Here are four bad habits that you should start working with your cat to break. 1. Scraps and Treats While it might feel like you're building a bond when giving your cat scraps or rewarding them with treats, these small gestures can cause weight gain. Read More …

Taking Care Of Your Senior Cat

17 November 2015
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Once your cat starts to age, they may have trouble doing all the things that they were once physically capable of. You will need to start thinking of ways that you can make your home as comfortable as possible for your senior pet. Here are some tips you can use to make your home more conducive to the needs of your aging cat. Utilize Low-Lying Areas When cats start to age, mobility can decrease. Read More …

3 Signs You Should Board Your Pet At An Animal Clinic Instead Of A Boarding Kennel

11 November 2015
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If you are currently preparing for a vacation or a business trip, you might be looking for suitable boarding arrangements for your dog, cat or other pet. You might be thinking about calling a local boarding kennel to inquire about these services, but there could be one better option for you and your pet -- an animal clinic. Many veterinarian's offices offer boarding services; these are a few signs that this could be a better choice while you are away. Read More …

Cold Weather Tips For Your Dog

10 November 2015
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The snow and ice that come with cold weather are not just a pain for you, they're also a bit of a pain for your furry buddy. You dress warmly to go outside, but just because your dog has fur doesn't mean that he isn't going to get cold, too. See below for some cold weather tips for your pet pooch. 1. Make An Appointment With The Vet Before the cold weather hits, you should take your dog into a veterinarian, like those at Parkview Animal Hospital, for a checkup. Read More …

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